Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA is a true partnership between the grower and the consumer. Traditionally, you purchase a share at the beginning of the growing season. This upfront investment helps us get going in the spring (buying seeds, equipment, compost, etc.) and in exchange you receive a weekly share of the harvest for the length of the season. Members share in the risks and rewards that are inevitable in food production. Our CSA program is 20 weeks long, beginning in early June and going through late October. We offer two different CSA styles; the traditional farmer’s choice, and a market style. Each option provides access to the freshest produce the season has to offer. By choosing to participate in Steelbow Farm’s CSA, you are supporting sustainable agriculture, and securing a sustainable future for farmers.


Here at Steelbow Farm we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and generous amounts of diversified vegetables. We grow over 100 different varieties of annual veggies and culinary herbs. Each week you will find 8-10 items in your share; reflecting what is ripe and ready for harvest. Typically, shares will vary as the season progresses; starting with lots of braising greens and salad greens in the early season and shifting to include more fruiting vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash), alliums (onions, leeks, garlic), and root crops when we are in full summer swing. Each week we aim to give you great value and provide diversity of produce to inspire you in the kitchen. Accompanying the share will be weekly farm updates, recipes and tips for veggie storage and cooking. Our shares are for those who love to cook and love to eat!


Traditional Farmer’s Choice Share:

Family Share: $500 ($25 a week) This share size is intended to feed a family of four, or a vegetable forward household of two with 8-10 items per week. Shares can be picked up at the Miller's Table in Skowhegan.

Farmer's Market Share:

This share is a credit system at our farmer's market locations. It is the option for those who want to select their own produce each week to fit personal needs and dietary restrictions. 

Pre-purchase over $100 in market credit and get 10% off vegetables.


How to sign up:

Please email us at or click here!

We accept checks made payable to:

Steelbow Farm, 292 Father Rasle Rd., Norridgewock, ME 04957