Bread Share Add On (for Portland pick-up only)

Bread Share Add On (for Portland pick-up only)

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$145 ($7.25 a week) Pick up a loaf of nourishing, naturally leavened bread made from only sustainable, regional, stone ground grain.

Labor of love of baker Kerry Hanney, Night Moves is fueled by a philosophy of utilizing local, sustainably-grown, stone-milled grain to create good, nourishing food for the greater Portland-Biddeford community.  Breads are naturally leavened and slowly fermented to unlock the full flavor and health benefits of the grain.  No white flour.  No commercial yeast.  All the good stuff.

We accept payment by check or credit card. Pay by check and receive a small discount. Payment by check is $140 for weekly bread, or $70.00 for bi weekly.

Payment by check:

Steelbow Farm
292 Father Rasle Rd.
Norridgewock, ME 04957

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