Steelbow Farm was established in the winter of 2017. After moving up to Central Maine from Austin, Texas, Finegan Ferreboeuf and Jason Gold began leasing a few acres on a historic farm property. With a mix of excitement, inspiration and a few butterflies in our stomachs, we began working to get ready for the coming spring.

Farming is good honest work. There are long days, in the rain and in the heat. We use our bodies; bending, reaching, hauling, lifting, to do that work. But, the physicality of this pursuit is also why we love it. This lifestyle of working hard outside, amongst the great big sky and all the elements, brings us satisfaction, gratitude, and humility.

We feel extremely lucky and privileged to be able to choose to farm as a livelihood. Both of us found ourselves where we are now, with dirty, calloused hands and farmer’s tans, because we love to eat good food. A shared meal is so much more than just sustenance. It is where bread is broken, ideas shared, bonds forged, and humanity enhanced.  To grow is to cultivate and to feed is to nourish. We feel our best when we are doing these things.

We are excited to see what this season will bring. We look forward to getting to know this place and community better, and bringing delicious produce to market.