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Our CSA is full for 2019. Thank you so much for everyone who has decided to join us for the season. If you missed out and would like to support us this season, you can find us at these farmers’ markets, or enjoy our products here. Check back with us in 2020 if you weren’t able to get a share this year.

Local food just tastes better. A CSA share is more than a box of vegetables.

Support your local economy, honest agriculture, and help build a resilient community.


Shares are available for pick-up starting in early June through mid-October.


Oxbow Blending & Bottling; 49 Washington Ave.

Thursday 3PM-9PM


The Miller’s Table;
42 Court St.

Thursday 3PM-8PM


15 Upper Main St.

Thursday 3PM-7PM

Have a group of eager, vegetable loving, people and want to start a new drop off location? Get in touch!

A CSA is a true partnership between the grower and the consumer. Traditionally, shares are purchased at the beginning of the growing season. This upfront investment helps the farm get going in the spring (buying seeds, equipment, compost, etc.) and in exchange you receive a weekly share of the harvest for full length of the season. Members share in the risks and rewards that are inevitable in food production. We offer a few different CSA styles; the more traditional farmer’s choice, a salad share (for all the fresh greens lovers) and a market-credit style. Each option provides access to the freshest samplings of vegetables the season has to offer. Both our farmer’s choice and salad share program are 20 weeks long, beginning in early June and going through late October. The market share is available at any and all of the farmers markets we attend throughout the season. By choosing to participate in Steelbow Farm’s CSA offerings, you are not only supporting sustainable agriculture, but also securing a sustainable future for small-scale organic growers.

Here at Steelbow, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and generous amounts of diversified vegetables. We pride ourselves in growing beautiful food and celebrate the bounty that our soil nourishes. We grow over 100 different varieties of annual veggies and culinary herbs. Each week we aim to give you not only great value, but provide you with an array of specialty produce to inspire you in the kitchen. As growers, we choose our varietals for their flavor. We are always looking for new and experimental offerings to differentiate us. We believe home cooks want and deserve access to the finest, freshest, ingredients that won’t be found in your average grocery store. Accompanying each share will be weekly farm updates, recipes and tips for optimal vegetable storage and cooking. Our shares are for those who love to cook and love to eat. We grow with the culinarian in mind, knowing that the best ingredients make for the most memorable meals.